Supporting Children and their Families



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Our Mission

To support children and their families

through education and fundraising.


We provide educational outreach programs

for children and their parents.

Rather than re-invent the wheel we intend to leverage

the work and infrastructures of best in class

non-profits and thought leaders.


Our focus will be to fund and help market

those ideas and programs

that get results.


We also help raise funds for organizations

that support children and families.




What makes us unique:

The Cause Card is a unique social entrepenuership venture that seeks to generate most of its own funds through a number of channels including fundraisers for organizations that support children and their families. Our fundraisers are unique in that 100% of our profits go to support children and thier families. We give away more money than any other comparable fundraiser.

We do not plan on re-inventing the wheel. There are number of good ideas and programs out there that work. We see our mission as empowering those on the front lines, parents and teachers, to equip them with the knowledge, skills and resources neccesary to support children.

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