Supporting Children and their Families

Educational Grants for Schools

teacherThe Cause Card will be awarding educational grants to schools. The grants are expected to range from $500 to $2,000 per school district. We have only three simple guidelines for the grants:

            1. The proposal be for an interdisciplinary project submitted by two or more teachers
            2. The proposal be for project based work
            3. The proposal include a method of reflection and review of measurable results

That’s it. Within these broad guidelines we believe teachers and school administrators know best what is needed in the classrooms.

How is grant money awarded?

Teachers write the proposals and school administrators choose the winners. We see these grants as a change agent within the schools and a method to encourage teachers with bright ideas that suffer from limited resources. The Cause Card reserves the right to review the proposals and may on rare occasions award an additional grant to proposals that align with our mission and we believe have special merit.

If we run a Cause Card fundraiser do we earn educational grants?

Yes. The money is on top of the $15/card sold your school can earn. Educational Grant money is set aside for schools with each Cause Card sold in town ($1/card). Additional money may be added (up to $5.00/card sold). The additional funds are based on the fact that we guarantee local causes will receive $15 of each card sold. An organization automatically receives $10.00 per card sold and can earn an additional $5.00 per card simply by sending e-mails and visiting local stores. We hope to increase the amounts given to local organizations as we grow.

Does my school have to run a fundraiser to earn educational grants?

No. Your schools can earn educational grants dollars for Cause Cards sold by the local little league, girl scouts, boy scouts, places of worship, etc. Any organization in town that sells the cards can specify your school or school system as the recipient of educational grant funds.

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