Supporting Children and their Families

Cause Card Fundraisers

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Our fundraisers are only available to organizations that support children and their families. Schools, Little Leagues, Places of Worship, etc. Please read on to find out more.

More Money for your organizartion

Your organization can earn $15/card sold, plus educational grants and have a chance to raise additional funds for special projects.

Kids Empowered

Your child comes home and says:

"Mom, I just took the check book and wrote out $2,000 in checks to local charities, plus I got my picture in the newspaper!"

Are you mad or glad?

kids check 1Glad of course and proud, because the checks were Cause Card checks and your children helped support local causes, including one they chose.

We want kids to feel that they can make a difference in the world. So with each cause card fundraiser we allocate $4 from each card sold for local causes. We have the kids choose one of the causes, so they have a real part in the decision making process and in helping others.

Then we have the children write out 6 large checks (5 feet by 2 feet). They fill in the payee, the amount and each check will be signed by about 20 kids. Then we have the kids present these checks to representatives of the local causes. The kids get their picture in the local paper, who knows perhaps even in the local television news broadcast.

Educational Grants

Your school or local school district will earn an addtional $1/card in educational grants on top of the $15/card you can earn. Plus additional monies we will be adding.
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Local Savings

We will have an average of 10-15 local merchants in each town. So you don't have to drive 50 miles to save.

Donations for the Causes you care about

You help us choose where the money goes. The Cause Card will be donating money additional funds to local causes. As a Card Member you can either win a donation for your cause or show your support and earn a donation for your cause.

100% of our profits go to supporting Local Causes

All monies raised by The Cause Card through fundraisers, donations and sponsorships will be donated to local causes and providing educational outreach programs for children and their families.

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